In 2017 there were 2,400 immigrant children being detained by the U.S. Now the number is over 14,000 and counting.


“These facilities cost about $75O per child per day, or three times the amount of a typical shelter.”-NY TIMES

"ICE Spends $2 billion to detain immigrants in notoriously unsafe facilities" -THE WEEK

Many immigrant children and their families make the exhaustingly dangerous journey to enter our country.

They are seeking refuge and safety from violence and poverty, but instead are being held in detention centers, away from everything and everyone they know.

They are missing from their loved ones, homes, schools, playgrounds and most importantly, they are missing their childhood.

Every child, regardless of where they were born, deserves the chance to be a child. To be loved, cared for, free to play, learn and grow, and to not have their childhood taken from them.

Let every child be protected. Let every child be with their family. Let every child have a home. Let every child be a child. Let every child be free.

Children deserve to be children everywhere, regardless of where they are from.




This art installation represents the over 14,000 children who are currently being detained by the U.S. government.  The milk cartons are a nod to the missing children campaign that ran throughout the U.S. from the early 80’s to the late 90’s. Each carton is a visual representation of an immigrant child being held in detention centers across the country.  The text on the cartons represents what they are missing - their family, community, and most importantly their childhood.

As a result of the strict policies being created by the current administration, the number of detained children has risen from 2,400 in 2017 to 14,000 in 2018, and this figure continues to increase. Many of these families and children are seeking refuge from poverty and violence.

We encourage everyone to spread awareness on the most preeminent civil rights issue of our time and demand change.  We can no longer ignore this topic and must insist that humane policies are created for children and their families.


“Do not misbehave. Do not sit on the floor. Do not share your food. Do not use nicknames. Also, it is best not to cry. Doing so might hurt your case.Lights out by 9 p.m. and lights on at dawn, after which make your bed according to the step-by-step instructions posted on the wall. Wash and mop the bathroom, scrubbing the sinks and toilets. Then it is time to form a line for the walk to breakfast.”-NY TIMES

"A fingerprint is required by visitors to visit the detained children but the fingerprint appointment could take up to two months" -HUFF POST



Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 9.11.36 PM.png

“Children are being brought by the busload and kept here on this remote patch of federal land surrounded by scrub and pecan nut farms. Hidden from public view on the ground, its proliferation is clearly visible from the air.”-THE GUARDIAN

The case study accompanying the 14,000 and COUNTING MISSING CHILDHOODS installation is meant to contextualize the magnitude of child separation and detainment at the U.S. / Mexico border by highlighting news reports, photographs, and the making of the milk carton installation.




By signing this petition, I vow to be on the right side of history by demanding that Congress create new policies that protect immigrant children.


Donate to support immigrant children.

For almost 100 years, the ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union, has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

Families Belong Together continues its work to permanently end family separation and detention, seek accountability for the harm that’s been done, and immediately reunite all families who remain torn apart.

KIND works to ensure that no child appears in immigration court without high quality legal representation; Advancing laws, policies, and practices that ensure children’s protection and uphold their right to due process and fundamental fairness.

Immigrant Defenders Law Center is a next-generation social justice law firm that defends our immigrant communities against systemic injustices in the legal system.


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